Oh Happy Day!

Yea, I am soooooo excited. I sort of kind of neglected my blog a bit for the month of March but not on purpose, I promise. First, I was busy at work and well that's not a real excuse because I could have been planning my posts or writing them all I out. And usually I am lazy and procrastinate to the last second while usually doing nothing to my house but I have been doing a lot of things lately. Nothing exciting or major but it's something. It's a start in the new direction I want to take. I am going to admit I am not the most organized person or most tidy but my house is clean just cluttered. I am a hoarder of sorts and I am trying to let go. I can navigate easily in my house so I am not an extreme hoarder like the people on that show but I have boxes of junk that I never touch and I have some more boxes at my mom's still and I haven't lived there in over a year =). Needless to say, I need to condense a lot although I have the space in my 1500 ish square feet house with three bedrooms.

Secondly, I promised pictures of something of my house. I think my blog would be pretty boring to not include pictures of my actual house considering it's supposed to document my house and such. I own two cameras, a nice point and shoot, Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS ELPH and my precious, aka Canon EOS Rebel XSI. My precious is a beast which I can not tame but I shall have victory one day. I love photography. My dad was a great photographer. He always had the eye and skill to create beautiful pictures. Me, not so much. I rely on the auto settings but hopefully this blog will help me evolve as a shooter.

Thirdly, I couldn't find either charger or my USB cable for said cameras in point number two. Which brings me back to point one of my junky house. I found one charger a couple of days ago along with the USB cord yesterday but I was waiting to find my precious charger. I don't want to rely on my point and shoot anymore so I finally found it in my daughter's closet. I have a lot of boxes I thought I was going to have to look through but on a hunch, I searched her closet.

Anyway, enough of my excuses. Today is Thrifty Thursday in which I will share my thrift shop, craiglist and flea market finds of the week. I have a lot of things to share so I will try to share a couple of things a week.

First up are these two wicker tables. When I first saw them, I knew they had to be mine. It was love at first glance. I originally scooped them up to put underneath the console table I plan to build. At $10 for the pair, I got a temporary coffee table since the console table could take months before I get one at the rate I am going. I never had a coffee table although I intended to build one ala an AnaWhite.com plan someday but these do the job for now. The plexiglass is really scratched so I am thinking of covering it with a funky print and I also would like to spray paint the tables to possibly a white or maybe an accent color that ties in the room. Don't know what I will decide although they work now with the current layout.

Next up are these three glass bottles I got from two different thrift stores. The blue Ball ones for a $1.00 a piece and the other one for 33 cents. I probably should share, I have an obsession with glass. I have a whole cabinet in the kitchen dedicated to them (well home decor) but I never can get enough of them. I love the varying shapes and colors. 


And last but not certainly least are my Reader's Digest Books which were a $1.00 a piece which I realize that is not the cheapest price but they had a lot of variety and I wanted a certain look so I bought by the color since they had the biggest selection. I also got that beautiful milk white vase. Now, I just need some flowers or plants to add to it.

And that's pretty much it for today. I have plenty of past items that I would like to share week by week. Such as two dressers that I like to call beauty and the beast. I heart the beast. I am ready to tame him, I tell you. 

- Jon'el
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