Chair, you're fired!

That's right I said it. Since we moved in a year and a half ago, the television in our bedroom has been sitting on a chair. Yes, I said a chair. The funny part is we have a couple of tables or even benches that could get the job done but Mr. chair was trusty and reliable aka we were too lazy to move it. If it ain't broke, why fix it, right?

By chance, I was on Craigslist for no real reason and found this beauty.

 Seriously, I think I have an addiction.  I'd much prefer stalking the thrift stores but I must work to support my habits family, so I don't get to go out in the prime shopping hours and most thrift stores are closed or closing by the time I get off of work. I don't know what I am necessarily looking for all the time but I have a strange attraction to Craigslist. Their should be some sort of 12 step program for it. I keep hitting refresh looking for something new to pop up, maybe in hopes of finding something like this again. I also have some sort of addiction to watch how people like to overprice their crap. I love the listings of said beautiful item for $1000+ with no pictures. Yea, you really sold me. Anyways, back to my lovely new tv stand.

I initially emailed the seller 2 weeks ago on a Friday evening. I thought she ignored my message, which I think is very rude, but she actually did respond and I turned out to be the rude one since I never replied back after she responded twice. As fate would have it, I happened to check my gmail account (which is not one of my three main accounts) and realized she had responded to that account. So I asked if the table was still up for grabs and by luck it was. Long story short, I was able to pick up my new tv stand last Thursday and it has been love at first site.

 I love a piece with curves as you can see here. Definitely going to paint and thinking about adding mirrors to the inserts. My inspirations are
Vintage Revivals
Vintage Revivals
I am thinking I will pick up some Sherwin Williams Creamy to try out on my table and glaze it.  Sherwin Williams is having a 30% off paint sale until the 30th so it's a good time to pick up some paint. I have been wanting to try some Sherwin William paint considering MissMustardSeed raves about SW paint and that color in particular. I am not being paid for advertising or anything but I thought I would throw it out there in case anyone wants to try some SW paint out since it's on the pricey side.

Are you currently transforming any furniture pieces? 


Inpiration Files: Sunroom - Exposed Board Walls

So after I entered Vintage Revivals Epic Makeover project, I realized how much potential my sunroom had, well I realized it beforehand but more so afterwards. I sort of wanted my entry to fail although it would have been great to win but it is what it is. I am just very thankful for the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful contest and I felt super special that Mandi actually commented on my blog.

So my creative thinking came about and I actually want to post some inspiration ideas of how I envision the place. Keep in mind I probably won't be able to actually implement any of my ideas until after July but hopefully before my daughter's 7th birthday. I want to have a tea party and my house needs to be up to par.

After seeing MissMustardSeed's board on guest room, I decided I wanted an accent wall (where the chairs are)
Then while at work (I seem to get my best ideas there), I decided why not do the whole room. It's really not that much wall considering 75% of the rooms walls are covered with windows and then you have the french doors. I scoured Pinterest (seriously the best site ever for storing inspirational photos, beats saving links to folders) for more inspiration photos such as this one from The Lettered Cottage. Loved that the natural wood is exposed and not painted.
The Lettered Cottage

this one is possibly my favorite - my favorite color is blue, i love the chippiness of the white paint and just adorable
Source Unknown
or this gorgeous pallet wall, how ambitious!
love love love
Country Living

Country Living
I love all the exposed board walls. Which are your favorite?


$6 Thrift Store Coffee Table

So, I didn't make it to the next round for the Vintage Revivals Epic Makeover contest. It's ok because after I entered the contest, my creative juices started to flow and I have so many ideas for my sunroom (and house) that I can't wait to try them out.

 Secondly, I have my second subscriber, valenciacheatham, who joins my first, J&JHome, whom I never properly shout out. So thank you ladies for subscribing.

So on a whim one night, we (boyfriend and I) went to the thrift store. It was rather late at 8pm and I wasn't expecting much since pickings are usually slim to begin with. So I rushed to my favorite department (furniture, btw) and found this lovely lady.

Most people would walk right over this coffee table but I was in love. She is a bit low to the ground but so are my Ektorp couch and chaise lounge. She was disgusting on top but who cares, a little paint goes a long way. She was also round and has some lovely legs. I really feel like my living room is a box and i couldn't pass up the opportunity to add something round or oval to the space.

 I really wanted to try some of the fantabulous Annie Sloan chalk paint but well funds are low and I was feeling really antsy to get her done. I decided to sand her down and paint her a navy blue. Although these pictures look black, it's actually some 1.00 sample OOPS paint that I picked up.
I should have had more even coverage but what can I say, I am very impulsive when I finally make up my mind. Then I decided to add some 1.00 white OOPS paint sample with hints of gray, for this result

 Again, should have add even coverage then distressed to which said boyfriend liked the results. Me, not so much. I liked the edges with the detail but the whole center was confusing to me. So I painted it again. This is the color I initially envisioned. Why i tried the navy, who knows? Again, it was off of impulse.

I actually used my free Valspar sample of Rushing Stream, I ordered a couple of months ago. I then tried to tried to distress it a bit. It was looking a bit better but I wanted more white on the edges since it looked pretty flat with just the blue and didn't have enough depth or dimension that I wanted.

So I added a bit more white to the edges. Made some ugly brown concoction of some yellow OOPS paint and purple OOPS paint to make this dull murky brown that I added to some glaze medium. I then glazed the piece lightly. And this is my current result. I like it and the boyfriend hates it. Well he likes the edges but says the center looks funny like it should be distressed more.

I love it for now. Probably will try to get the courage to distress the center but until then it stays as is. Makes me excited. I have so many projects that I have started but have yet to finish and can't wait to share. Hoping to keep up the momentum.

Have you painted anything recently? Did it come out how you wanted? Did your significant other love or hate it?

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