A Bench and 2 FREE Chairs: Why it pays to stalk Craigslist!

Last Friday, I was looking on Craiglist at my job. I seriously stalk that site. I am never lucky enough to be the first person and of my dealings on Craiglist, I only bought one thing so far a dresser for my third bedroom. So there was a posting for bench with flower detail for $50 and some kids dancing on the fabric. I looked at and liked it, the print is hideous but I can get past that since I will be redoing the chair. I have a vision, actually I have a lot of visions, and I needed that chair in my life. So I contacted the seller and usually I am always a day late and dollar short but by luck the seller contacted me to pick it up the next day! So I set up to go get my chair at 10:45 am Saturday morning.

It's not really an upholstered chair. It was probably store bought but I sure can fake it when I paint and trim in it out =)

Then another poster put ad up for, and I quote, "two old gastly chairs - $5" about 10 minutes later. Now usually I am prepared for the worst with these type of postings since 90% the time when people say vintage they mean ridiculously ugly. I mean very few term the phrase correctly and then want you to overpay for their junk. So the title intrigued me and I clicked a found this lovely beauty, or should I say beauties! I admit the fabric is dirty, old, and hideous but I could get past the cosmetic stuff. These chairs are solid and sturdy and with the right kind of help can be stunning!

I rushed to send an email on my phone since I can't access my email from my job and by chance I was lucky person #1. Now, here comes the best part of all. The seller emails me back and says he will give me the two chairs for FREE as long as I can pick them up the next day. Talk about #winning! I had to jump on it ASAP and I agreed to meet him at 11:00am. Why I don't know but you know that meant trouble considering Seller 1 is 46 minutes away from the center of the city (where we started) and Seller #1 is 46 minutes away from"Seller" #2 . And our house is 23 minutes in the opposite direction of Seller #2.

So my Saturday consisted of me living in my car for 8 or so hours picking up a bench and chairs after getting 0 hours of sleep the previous night because I went to the casino with my mom, aunt, and cousins till 7:00 am. But it sure was worth it =) 

Now I have a bench and 2 chairs for $50. Now the hard part is deciding how to finish them. Have you ever got any amazing deals on something you really wanted? 

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  2. Free! Lucky girl. I can't wait to see what you do with them.


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