Window Shopping: Home Goods (2nd Trip, Part 1)

Eye spy with my little eye...So on my recent outing for the I <3 Thrifting Event, the ladies pointed out their is a Marshalls and a Home Goods near the Panera Bread we stopped for lunch. I dragged my boyfriend to Home Goods. This was probably a good representation of how he felt after 6+ hours of shopping.

So previously, the only Home Goods I have been to were in Marshall's in their own little section of the store. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit the stand alone store since I was in the area.

I have an Obsecion of chairs and mirrors. Some mirrors that caught my eye

This pretty oval mirror with flower detail. It was decent size at $60. I usually not one for gold but this mirror looked spectacular in this gold finish. I would just hang as is.
The next mirror is just like the infamous ZGallerie Devon mirror but half the price at $100. In white or
gold, but the finish was not that great on the gold

We also found this interesting mirror with smaller overlapping squares

and this large mirror for $70 with intricate detailing on the frame

and who doesn't love a mirrored dresser?

We also spotted these cute benches that would look nice at the end of our bed
And this cute jewelry chest in my daughters room

Now on to my second favorite house item of the moment, CHAIRS! I don't think you can ever really have too many and I wish I could by or at least recreate all of the ones I saw.

I love the damask pattern of this chair and the colors really would like nice in my bedroom. The picture looks more green but is actually closer to yellow IRL.

I am loving the King Louis inspired chair. this chair + cane back = heaven
Baby got back on this chair and definitely admiring the fabric choice with nail head trim

How lovely is this French word chair?

This post is very picture heavy and I have a feeling getting too long so I am gonna break it up into to posts. I have more items to show as well as an item I actually bought. Also the most ridiculously priced item I have seen at Home Goods to come next time I post.

Buy any items from Home Goods or home decor shops? Do you have any weird obsession to furniture or house decor items? 

P.S. I was not paid or compensated for this post. I really love Home Goods wanted to highlight items that caught my attention on my most recent shopping trip.

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