Week One House Tour: Outside

Welcome to Week One of the House Tour. As you may have read in my last post, I am going to MIA of the country for the next two weeks. Rather than not blog, I have decided to do a house tour. Our house is approximately 1500 sq feet with three bedrooms, 1 bath, a mystery toilet in the basement and a fireplace.

Here is the scheduled List

Week One
Monday - Outside of House
Tuesday - Living Room
Wednesday - Dining Room
Thursday - Kitchen
Friday - Sunroom 

Week Two
Monday - Bathroom (Before)
Tuesday - Bathroom (After)
Wednesday - Daughter Bedroom
Thursday - Third Bedroom
Friday - Master Bedroom

The House Tour is officially on. So sit back and relax and enjoy the view.

Here is the front of our house. It is a twin. We have lots of this weird grass with branch like vines in the front. It's supposed to be very low maintenance but I say it's a pain in the butt.

You can see we share a pine tree with our neighbors. We hope to decorate it one Christmas. Picture was taken before we got central air so imagine the compressor in that corner by the white window to the right.

This is the front door. Hopefully, we can replace the screen door with a nice storm door.

And this is the back of the house. I am not a fan of the awnings. They block out a lot of light. I hope to get the down some day.
Here is the view from the back porch. We share our backyard with the neighbor. Need to get rid of that huge bush. It toppled over due to the weight of the snow during the winter. 
Steps to driveway / garage / basement. Neglected garden bed to your left.

We inherited the "owl" to scare the birds away.
Back porch. The vinyl siding needs to be power washed. Door needs to be replaced.

And that my friends is the outside of the house. Nothing really major to do outside except a little TLC to spruce it up. Check back to tomorrow to see the living room before pictures.

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