Week One House Tour: Sunroom

Today, I should be attending my cousin and his fiancee's wedding on the beach. Hopefully, will take a lot of pictures. Today also would have been my dad's 52nd birthday, so Happy Birthday Day.

Wow, week one of the house tour is rounding up to a finish. Today we will briefly cover the sunroom. I have featured it a couple of times already so you can check it out here.

This is not a current photo but pretty much it is the same except the bench has been moved to the dining room. So I need a couch or bench. This room is in dire need of help! This will be my primary focus in the next couple of months. It is after all the entrance of our house.

I have found a great tutorial for flooring I wish to try out as well as update the furniture in there and find more pieces to fill out the room. I am really anxious, excited, nervous to tackle this room when I come back home.

Be sure to follow along next week to see 2nd floor of the house.

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