Introducing: Bessie, my new desk

Meet Bessie. Say hi, don't be shy.  Isn't she beautiful.

I have this thing for naming objects. I remember naming the cats, although not objects but an animal, we dissected in Biology in 10th grade. Our cat was named Fred. So I think I will name my furniture as I go along. Well maybe not all of em but the ones that are dear to my heart.

I bought her off a guy on Craigslist on Sunday. I originally wanted another desk and you could read about that here. But back to Bessie, she once started out as this.

But I had this great idea to follow a technique by Marian,  aka MissMustardSeed, that she did with her old dining room chairs. Except, I loved when Bessie was painted the Valspar Running Stream and couldn't fathom putting BEHR Light French Gray over her pretty ol' self. I really like the Valspar color considering I did my thriftstore table the same color. Although, the table doesn't like that anymore and not for the better.

Anywho, back to Bessie. Just look at her. I decided to paint the drawers and side panels with the Light French Gray. I love that color. It looks a bit bluish gray in person and the paint sample I bought was flat so it looked similar to white when painted but it's not.  After I painted the frame and drawers, I decided I was going to stain the top. Yes, not one of my brightest moves but you live and you learn. It wasn't that hard to strip the top but it was worth it.

I then stained the top Dark Walnut by Minwax. I also distressed the top left drawer a bit and add some stain to it.
I didn't know how I felt about it. I honestly didn't care for it and contemplated redoing it but I slept on it and the next day I decided I was going to distress the whole piece the same way.  Some little voice of reason said to distress and glaze glaze glaze. So I listened and eventually ended up with this

I sealed the top with Danish oil (what I had on hand) and add the original hardware, scuffed it up a bit. Still on the fence if I will spray paint them oiled rubbed bronze but for now they stay. Now,  I am in love with Bessie. She makes me smile. I honestly thought it was going to turn out bad after the initial test glaze but I loved her more and more each time I distressed her. I am usually a procrastinator.  I got Bessie last Sunday by Thursday night I completed her, starting on Wednesday none the less. I have projects I have started or bought, like these chairs , months ago that are still untouched. I am very inspired to finish more things to share.

And here is the $3 chair I got from the thrift store to go with her.

Funny thing is, I actually bought the chair first but luckily they fit perfectly together. Was going to do something to it but for now I think I like the pairing of the two. No after photos, sorry. Maybe next time.

And a before and after


Excuse the lighting. One is in the before was in my sunroom which wasn't white balanced and the after in my living room which was white balanced. Also, there wasn't any natural light since I was very impatient and wanted pictures immediately. Ultimately, she will reside in my bedroom.

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  1. Wow. You put a ton of work into this dresser! It look super pretty.:)

  2. Bessie is quite the eye catcher. I'm sure MMS would be very proud!

  3. Bessie is stunning, you did a great job.

  4. beautiful desk, would love to feature this on my next revival monday. let me know if your ok with this.

  5. She turned out beautiful!! Love the colors!!!

  6. Thank you for your lovely comment!
    Your desk looks pretty amazing too, love the colors!
    Lovely greetings...


    PS: I`m your latest follower!;)

  7. Thanks for checking out my Craigslist post - always nice to have new visitors! Also, I wanted to let you know how in love I am with your desk! It turned out really cute; wise choice with the distressing and glazing!

  8. I love, love, love this desk, and the dual colors. You did a fantastic job.

  9. it looks ahhhmazing!!!! you did an awesome job :)

  10. Wow! that's lovely. I have a very similar desk that I bought to do up ( I bought it about 2 1/2 years ago....I know, shame on me!) Thanks for the inspiration. I'll keep you posted.

  11. I'm totally loving this!
    I have a dresser I'm redoing and you just solidified my decision to stain the top. :)

    Stopping by from the CSI linky!

  12. I love what you did with the desk - it looks great! And I love the Windsor chair too - did you end up painting that? I'm also going to the I <3 Thrifting event tomorrow too so I will see you there. I found you on Diane's blog.


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