And we have strawberries

First, I want to thank everyone for the comments on Miss Bessie, I do really appreciate them. Welcome to my newest followers. I also have been featured today at West Furniture Revivals. So check it out, the other ladies who are featured did an amazing job on their respective projects.

Now, I don't have a green thumb, far from it. See exhibit A, my front yard or should I say part of it.

So imagine my surprise when I found 5 (end up being 6) strawberries in my front yard. I actually thought they were berries from my neighbors grass and then I felt there texture.

Now they are not that large(a couple of centimeters) nor would I ever eat them because I was never expecting them to pop up in the first place. Turns out the good ol' boyfriend threw the seeds away earlier this year since I said they expired. I got them a year ago from Target and I always intend to plant things but never get around to it. We actually have 5 more strawberries by a gate in our backyard. So lessoned learned. The seeds do not really expired (can't vouch on taste) and it doesn't take much to garden strawberries from Target, ha.

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