Inspiration Files: Sunroom

So I was thinking about my sunroom at work today. Remember it looks like this

Still looks a mess (and junkier since this picture) and haven't done much to it yet but I have decided that I need to remove my beloved bench. Actually, thinking of moving it to my dining room table. Can't wait to see how that plays out. But back to the sunroom, I think the current bench is not scaled for the room / area it is in. I would need to add something to each side to feel more balanced in the room. It seems very small and I was going to buy another couch or move my living room, but now I think I want another bench. I actually thought of it after I found this Church pew on Craigslist.
I actually like this one from Craigslist but I fear it would weigh the room down.  It looks very heavy and solid but I need something lighter and airy like this other bench I found at a second hand furniture store. Both are roughly the same price at $100. 
Uhuru Furniture
Now big question is if bench #2 will fit in the sunroom and is it sturdy enough. Crossing my fingers it isn't sold before Friday. I love it and shall make it mine.

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