The Love of My Life

This past weekend I went with the boyfriend to look and purchase a desk off Craigslist. It was beautifully carved leather top and all. I fell in love with it, really bad. The boyfriend hated it. We went to go get it and well, it didn't fit in my Camry. Foolish me thought it could work and yes, I tried but it didn't happen. To say the least, I was mad and frustrated and the boyfriend was easily madder than me but he loves me and he tried to help.
He actually preferred this desk which is really a vanity and a lot more feminine. I sent the poster an email but they never responded. Probably thought I was a scammer, or maybe they are scammers. It's still on Craigslist today...

I actually liked both but I preferred the first since I would put that in my living room. The second would definitely go in my bedroom. I need a desk area to put my laptop and I don't trust leaving it downstairs at night. Although we have three bedrooms, it is much easier to section off an area in our bedroom for the "work/leisure" zone than try to finish the third bedroom for an office.

So I looked again on Craigslist and found this beautiful mahogany vanity/desk. I always like to see the potential in the items I buy. Now granted, she wasn't in all that bad shape in the first place but I knew she could be beautiful once again if she was all mine.

It is just like Marian aka MissMustardSeed's desk.

I actually have been looking for a desk and possibly thinking about building one but I am very indecisive when it comes to picking things. So when I found the desk for $35, I jumped right on it. Called the guy and he said come on down. He actually is a regular poster on CL and I always drool at the nice vintage items he usually offers for really cheap (well CL cheap, not thrift store cheap).

I actually sidetracked a bit before I went and bought a chair that I share with later. I don't know why I bought it but you can never have too many chairs, IMO.

So back to my desk. I painted it and stained the top. I still need to distress it a bit more and I can't wait to put it in my room to replace this IKEA desk. It's same top but with aluminum legs. Very cheap and a big eyesore. What was I thinking? Actually, it was for my daughter's room but when I rearranged her room it no longer fit since some her furniture is floating in the center.
I still need to distress, paint the hardware and seal her but here is a sneak peak...can you tell my favorite color?

Can't wait to share the reveal and hopefully will get more things checked off my to do list for the bedroom. Like um, painting the trim that I started months, ago. Hahaha.

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