The much dreaded first post.

So I have tried to start a blog before and failed. Well, I guess you technically can't fail at blog making but I didn't put much effort, thought or love into it. I mainly am focused on home improvement but that could change in a second. See last year I was set to marry my boyfriend in April of 2011 and well stuff happened so I had to change my focus.

It was to be a wedding blog about my wedding. But the wedding has currently been postponed and it will happen eventually but who knows how soon that will happen. My dream wedding would be in Jamaica on a beach but funds are scarce so until we magically get them, the focus will be on improving my house of year and some change.

We bought our house in October 2009. It's a 3 bedroom, 1.25 bath airlight twin house. Yes, I said .25 since we have a random toilet in the middle of our basement, haha. Talk about disgusting it almost overflowed during inspection it was tested. Our block is mainly composed of twins and the neighborhood is fairly quite considering we live in the city of Botherly Love. The house also has a one car garage and a small backyard. Originally, we were looking for a duplex to help with the mortgage. Our small budget along with certain criteria (one unit must have 2 bedrooms since I have a daughter), made the search much harder. We saw the bad, ugly, and downright disgusting in some duplexes. Some other ones were unfavorable in location or just outright lied in the listings. We actually did put in two bids but both were miserably rejected. The first was fully finished above our price range in a decent neighborhood. The second was in need of a lot of TLC but it was very spacious and came with a lot next to it for a very large yard in a not so great neighborhood. But the owner was very stubborn and wouldn't budge so we backed out.

After a lot of frustration and stress, we changed our focus on possibly making a one home dwelling into to two. In came our dream home. It was listed less than a week on the market. We actually wanted to see another house but as soon as we went to see it, it went under contract. We than saw our dream home and a row home in the same day. The row home was nice but needed some renovation and could be converted. Nothing drastic but it was a block away from the first house we put a bid on and had the same layout except this house was bit smaller than the first since it was in the middle of the block.

I was sold we weren't going to find a nice duplex in a good area with our 2+1 or 2+2 situation and gave up hope. I found a house online and liked the square footage and the inside look nice. There was a fireplace, newer kitchen, and the master bedroom is huge. That is what sold us on the house. It was not in the greatest condition but we saw a lot of potential. So we put in an offer the same day only to find out that another offer was submitted before ours. They accepted our first offer and well the rest is history. It still is a work in progress but I am happy so far of all that is accomplished. Now if I could be more organized, the house would look a lot better.

So that is brief history of our house. I will elaborate more about my house later on but I wouldn't want to scare bore you on my first post.

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