Inpiration Files: Sunroom - Exposed Board Walls

So after I entered Vintage Revivals Epic Makeover project, I realized how much potential my sunroom had, well I realized it beforehand but more so afterwards. I sort of wanted my entry to fail although it would have been great to win but it is what it is. I am just very thankful for the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful contest and I felt super special that Mandi actually commented on my blog.

So my creative thinking came about and I actually want to post some inspiration ideas of how I envision the place. Keep in mind I probably won't be able to actually implement any of my ideas until after July but hopefully before my daughter's 7th birthday. I want to have a tea party and my house needs to be up to par.

After seeing MissMustardSeed's board on guest room, I decided I wanted an accent wall (where the chairs are)
Then while at work (I seem to get my best ideas there), I decided why not do the whole room. It's really not that much wall considering 75% of the rooms walls are covered with windows and then you have the french doors. I scoured Pinterest (seriously the best site ever for storing inspirational photos, beats saving links to folders) for more inspiration photos such as this one from The Lettered Cottage. Loved that the natural wood is exposed and not painted.
The Lettered Cottage

this one is possibly my favorite - my favorite color is blue, i love the chippiness of the white paint and just adorable
Source Unknown
or this gorgeous pallet wall, how ambitious!
love love love
Country Living

Country Living
I love all the exposed board walls. Which are your favorite?

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  1. I love the plank look...so rustic. Great inspiration photos.


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