Vintage Revival’s (aka Mandi) Epic Makeover Entry

 So here is my official bid for a Vintage Revivals makeover from the fantabulous Mandi.

When I first saw this  contest I immediately knew I had to enter my sunroom. 

Why you say, well here are Top   5 Reasons Mandi should come to my house
1.       I need Mandi’s help since she is so amazingly awesome! I first started following once I saw her teacup clock and I have wanted to replicate ever since. She does everything I am afraid to try such as being able to pull different color and pattern combinations together. I like a lot of different looks but hers always intrigues me the most. She puts the unexpected together and it is so magical.
2.       My mom can finally visit on a regular basis (and I won’t be ashamed to invite people over.)  My first floor (and who am I kidding, as well as second) are always in renovation mode. My sunroom and dining room have never served their  intended functions as rooms in the 1.5 years we have lived here. I haven’t been able  to invite my family members or friends over. I would love to have an official housewarming.
3.       I live in the city of Brotherly Love. You can do touristy crap such as the Liberty Bell, the Franklin Institute, and see Boat House Row.  You can run up the Art Museum steps like Rocky did. You can go on the duck mobile to tour the city, wait scratch that idea. They recently had some sort of malfunction and well I would want to hurt my precious Mandi and all her greatness. Must have her return to Utah in one piece. We can also sneak a trip to Atlantic City which is an hour away. Plus I will treat you to a world famous Philly cheese steak (I hope you eat meat, if not a veggie steak???) Or my mom can cook you a Jamaican home meal while speaking with her British accent. Or my boyfriend can make a mean sweet potato casserole from scratch; seriously it was gone in like negative 2 seconds at Christmas dinner.
4.       I will forever profess my love for Mandi. Seriously, I will proudly make a button professing my love to Mandi and wear it everywhere for the duration of my time in the contest. I will wear it at work, especially when I go thrifting or to the  flea market, or whenever and wherever I go out in public. If I don’t win the big shebang, I will still proudly display said button in my final room design.  I shall enlist the help and guidance of my expert button designer, Kiannalee (my 6 year old daughter) on a design fitting of Mandi’s awesomeness. Look out for post of me consulting said button designer and her final designs.
5.       And lastly just watch the video or  look at the pictures below. They speak volumes for themselves of the ugliness factor in my house and lack of vision/design.
In doing this contest, I have a video showcasing my sunroom. I realize my post below is ridiculously long and you may get lost in all the sauce so here are brief video summaries of why I should be chosen for this makeover.
Sunroom Video
p.s. I am really not that boring in person..I just sound like I am and the video camera makes me nervous...
Warning: this post is massive with lots of pictures and words. If you have a short attention span (like I do) then just watch the video tours above. If you can not watch the video, are bored, or just simply want to be entertained, and then just read skim on. I feel a contest of this magnitude and epic greatness need not to be skimped on so I am pulling out all the big guns.

Without further ado, here is my hideous sunroom.  I initially couldn’t decide on which rooms to pick but I chose my sunroom since it's the first room in the house. As a bonus, I will include my third bedroom as an honorable mention at then end of the post.
First stop on the oogly (that’s ugly but like 1 million times worse) train is my sunroom. Here is a before picture. Although don't be fooled, considering the before looks better than the current

This is the first room you see as you enter the house. It gets plenty of light with the 5 windows. You will also see It is framed by lovely French doors, or should I say once upon a time lovely door. See the nice hole in one of the panes and the disgustingly dirty trim that needs to be repainted and repaired.
The sunroom had carpet (eek) and smells and this big ol’ radiator. But since moving in, we have removed the disgusting carpet and we upgraded to central air so the radiator went buh-bye.  I miss the bench though. So now our sunroom looks like this.'

You thought you were going to see a better picture of said room but you were duped. It looks 1000 times squared worse then the before picture. See how nothing better has been accomplished. After pulling up the carpet, we found this flooring which I think is linoleum? But whatever it is, it is sure is oogly. I was originally going to leave said mystery flooring intact and simply paint over but you know that wasn’t good enough. The floor had some cracks and would need to be repaired somehow. Then, I had the great idea as I usually do to pull it up which isn’t probably the smartest idea since then it opens up a lot of cans of worms. I was able to pull up some of the mystery floor to reveal bricks and under that was some hardwood floors but it’s probably sub-floor? I dunno all I know is I didn’t move in the right direction.
So that is the state of my floor. The walls are blue but the blue they choose is a powder blue and its looks horrible so it has to go. I would love a stenciled wall or anything other than pukey powder blue.

See all that furniture. Well I have the ability to collect “junk” and for good reason. I will point out 
everything. See those lovely or should I say gastly chairs? I got them for my favorite word FREE!!! off of craigslist.  Basically, the guy asked for $5 and I was like word let me go on that son. So then I emailed and I got anxious as I did because I always seem to never be the first person. I have lost many a great furniture because of this but by the graces of the man himself, I was number one and he said they were FREE as long as I pick the up. So I responded back ASAP to claim my beauties. All they need is love.
Next is my $8 $6 table with removable glass tray from the flea market.
I love my bench from craigslist for $50. More than what I should have probably paid but it works. It’s wooden and solid as a rock. I am not a fan of the dancing children though. They kind of scare me.

Next is this cute console table ala my grandmother’s apartment. She moved in with my mom a couple of weeks ago so it was a mad rush to divvy up the goods at her apartment she has had since 93. I put my claim on this piece. She isn’t boxy like the rest of my furniture and that’s why I love her. I fill like I get boxed into too easily so I try to look for curves as much as possible. She looks quite dainty in the corner so she maybe need to beefed up or fired.

On the floor in the middle you see the two corner cabinets that were my moms who gave them to my grandmom who gave them to me. I honestly don’t know why I said I wanted them in the first place but me it was FREE so I had to say yes. I was going to use it as a temporary coffee table with storage of sorts.
Those are my primary players and honestly, if you feel the need to bench any of them I am all for it. I just need them all to meet and play nice so my house is lovely from the minute you walk in. I waver in my decisions of color. One day it’s all white with pops of color to the next were it is bold colors and pattern city. I would love Mandi’s expertise and vision for my space. I will give you 99% control of everything. I am seriously not one of those people who say you can  do anything and then heave and cry on every  little thing you do. Unless she wants to recreate this room...

and then I have to pass. Seriously this is how my third bedroom looked (now it's painted blue and orangy-yellow ceiling) when we moved it. It was all sorts of wrong. You can't see but it had carpet on of linoleum outer trim with vinyl tiles in the center.

I warned you this post is going to be ridiculously long but this is my contest entry and my plea to the goddess Mandi (and fellow readers) to pick my room or rooms for a makeover! So I must not skimp in the least. I need all the visual aids as to why I need to win. So there is my plea America  World in 1500 or less words as to why I need this makeover from the goddess herself, MANDI of Vintage Revivals.

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  1. Jonel!
    Guuuurl you have some rockin crap!! Seriously. It would be so fun to come and work on your sun room!!! Good luck and thanks for entering!!

    Love your guts


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