Painted Bedroom

So when we moved in a year and some change ago, I didn't really want to paint our bedroom blue. Why you ask? Because my mom has what I like to call the blue house. After my father passed, she had the house renovated. They actually started renovating the kitchen floors the weekend before he died on the following Monday. I remember that particular weekend was fun and I was enjoying myself. We were dancing to music and having a good ol' time. My uncle, mom's brother, was helping to pull up the tiles since my dad had terrible back problems.

So then once he died, my mom rushed to get the kitchen finished. She is very concerned about the house appearance and having a lot of family/friends over because of my dad's death was not ideal since it was just torn up literally two days prior. So some neighbors helped out and got the kitchen finished in record shape. She then later installed new hardwood floors throughout the house, gutted and renovated the bathroom, and  redid the 3 bedrooms with added storage and mirror doors. So she decides to pick out paint colors. I admit, I wanted blue in my room and my brother wanted blue in his room (although he had already moved out by that point but it still is "his room"). So she proceeded to paint 2 bedrooms, hallway, living and dining room shades of blue. Since her favorite color is green she had her room painted green. So I loving refer to as the blue house with a green room.

Anyways, back to our bedroom. The house was covered in wallpaper except for the sunroom, kitchen,  bathroom and third bedroom. That lovely little gem had brown panel walls but that was the least of my worries. When we first put it up in our bedroom and it was wet, it look very orangish and just made me want to puke. But then it dried and it looked like the paint swatch and was more tolerable but I wasn't thrilled. It was Glidden's Sandcastle, btw. The boyfriend refused to redo it since he slaved so hard the entire room. It made the room dark and drab. Granted we still have the same white roller shades that the previous owners left on the windows so we don't have a lot of natural sunlight. I am working on the window treatments and can't wait to update the space about it.

I apologize for the lighting in the pictures and I don't have a full room shot as of yet. It's still under construction but here it goes.

First thing we did when we bought the house was get rid of that disgusting carpet and painted over the wallpaper. When I get a more full shot of the room, you will see the fan blades are missing (we painted them but I want to get rid of the fan all together) and the radiator is gone since we now have central air. The shelf is also gone as well as the air conditioner.

Progress - Glidden Sandcastle 
Didn't like the color since it made the room drab and dark. We have 5 windows that get plenty of sunshine during the day so it shouldn't feel dark and cave like.

After - Glidden Tide

Two different shots at different times although the first looks more accurate. I love this color. I originally chose it since Young House Love had it in their first house bedroom and I regretted not choosing a blue color. I am blue girl at heart. It made the room more welcoming and inviting with its cool tones. Still need to paint the trim but it has made a big difference overall. Now I need to dress up the sad windows and accessorize the room.

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