All About Me

Welcome to Humble Comforts. Formerly Sporks and Stuff.

My name is Jon'el. I am a mother to a 7 year old daughter with a son due late December 2012.  We have a gray cat name Smokey and a pitbull named Bruce.

I have a passion for home decor and decorating since purchasing our home in October 2009. I am an avid thrifter, flea market shopper and craiglist junkie. I love the thrill of the hunt and finding treasures that have a lot of potential. I have a whole range of styles but I seem to be in a beachy or cottage feel lately. I hope to explore my style and share my trials and tribulations along with the rest of you.

This site was formerly Sporks and Stuff but I changed the name to something more meaningful to me. My dad, Paul, died in January 2009. It was very sudden and shocking and I really miss my dad. The following year, my baby boy Noah was born still at 31 weeks. I really struggled with naming my blog and recently Humble Comforts dawned on me. The meaning of the two very people I lost are shared in my blog name. Paul means Humble, Modest and Noah means Comfort.

Thanks for reading.
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