New Old Computer

So my beloved iMac kicked the bucket a couple days after Christmas. It probably can be repaired but I don't have the funds to get it serviced right now. So the only way I was accessing the internet was through my cell phone (yea that was fun) and at my mom's house. But thank my dad, Paul, for teaching me about computers. I may not be a genius like him but I was able to successfully reinstall Windows XP onto my old IBM laptop. It took me a good while to battle some problems with my ethernet controllers but with a lot of stubborness, I was finally able to figure it out and I now have a computer to blog again. So excited.

Computer 0 Jon'el 2, hahaha


2012 Goals and Resolutions

So I am so not a resolution type of girl. I normally blow them off within a couple of weeks...or was it days in the new year. This year, I determined to break the mold. Fresh off my weight release challenge that I participated in my job for the last 3 months, I want to continue to momentum to push and challenge myself.  I lost a 36lbs by the way but have gained some back to due the Holidays =). So here I declare on the great web my personal and home goals for 2012.

Personal Goals
  1. De-clutter my life and become more organized. 
  2. Find and do more family activities.
  3. Exercise at least 3 times a week or more.
  4. Commit to a more plant based diet transitioning to a vegetarian possibly vegan diet.
  5. Treat Yo Self (or rather myself)
Home Goals

  • Tackle the sunroom. Do the works - new flooring, wall treatment, finish updating the current furniture,  finish building daybed.

  • Third bedroom - lay down new flooring, create cottage atmosphere, new light fixtures

  • Dining Room / Kitchen - open up the wall, create a pantry near the basement steps

So there are my goals for 2012, hopefully post about them means I will attempt majority of them. I kicked off my new years by cleaning out the third bedroom. So already off to a good start.


Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year. So excited to ring in 2012. Looking forward to 2012 being a great year and I can't wait to share it with everyone!

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