Window...I mean Cyber Shopping!

So I do a lot of window shopping and more so lately since I am trying to get my house in tip top shape. I am going for a beachy cottage style house although I live in the heart of the city of Brotherly Love. I have lived here all my life and until someday I move to greener and better pastures, I will have to do with what I have on hand. I have never been a beach person but I love the light and airy feeling of it all. Seems like an odd palette with a 6 year old who is prone to spills on our beige couch but *sigh* I love what I love, sorry.

So here are some items I have been eyeing for the past couple of weeks/months for my sunroom.

The first store I will be browsing is ZGallerie

I love this gorgeous clam shell for a centerpiece in either my sunroom, living room, or virtually any room in the house. I first saw it at Young House Love and now I want one for my house. Fill it just like picture or use it for as a jewelry or key tray.

Next item is this beautiful Union Jack rug that I would love for my sunroom but sadly the price scares me away. Although not a beachy piece itself, I think the subtle neutral tone would set the mood for a calm serene area. It's not bold and bright like the actual flag and it's a ode to my mom who was actually born in England although the rest of my family is of Jamaican descent.

I am also loving this mirror to be placed in my sunroom to reflect more light into the area and make it appear visually larger than it really is. Maybe keeping it the crisp white or possible painting it a pretty  pale blue or green color.

Next we will visit etsy.com for some items I am drooling over...

These pillows make me swoon with the pretty yet soft muted union jack flag much like the rug above. Much more affordable and something I can always change out from time to time or even room to room.

How about these adorable burlap pillows? They have customizable ones with you and your sweethearts initals or even a special date. I think I could try doing it myself and adding ruffles. Something about ruffles makes me excited and although the boyfriend may not really care for them I just love the contrast of the ruff burlap fabric with something soft and feminine. I am thinking ruffles and pearls!

I adore these vintage rotary phones. We inherited our house with a black rotary phone in the dining room and I love the look. I assume it still works but since we have no official house phone. I am unable to test it out but I would love these functional rotary phones to add a pop of color. It's so hard to choose. I love the turquoise or yellow one.

Moving onto our third and final shop, we are headed to o.co (also known as overstock.com)

Now this last shop has lots of great things on the cheap. I am thinking window treatments for the majority of the house as well as the sunroom will be bamboo roman shades and white curtains. I want a light and airy feel to the house. Right now majority of the windows have the white industrial looking roller shades so a lot of rooms feel dark and shouldn't considering how many windows are in the house. I think these blinds paired with some cheap IKEA curtains will help filter a lot more light into the house.
I really like these coffee tables. I am planning on building a lot of my furniture and since a lot of it consists of wood, I want to break up the texture a bit in the area. I don't want it to fill all stiff and boring but I think these tables or something similar will help add another dimension to the space. Plus they are on the smaller side of a traditional coffee table which won't take up much space in the narrow room.

And that completes the window shopping. I will probably incorporate a lot of the items into the final room but a lot of other things need to be done such as picking a floor and painting before I can accessorize.

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  1. I love the colours on those phones. I lucky enough to have a black one too. It certainly works but I've disconnected it because it's so flipping loud! (seriously, it's enough to keep a nervous person shaking in the corner) Such a shame cos it feels great to use!


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