Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

Yay! I love a good bargain so imagine me today when I spent no money and was given back a buck and some change.

Ren and Stimpy

Technically it wasn't "free" money but the Macy rewards that my mom probably racked up since she uses my card. I usually hand them over to here since she does most of the charges and I reap the benefits of a higher tier card but this time I had 2, $25 gift certificates with one expiring today (eep!). Cutting it very close, I know but I went into the store with an idea in mind.

I didn't buy clothes since me and them are on a strike right now until I can lose more weight but that's a whole other issue for a different day. I walked in expecting to spend a little or lose little of the gift certificates I had for as little out of pocket possible.

I started in the bedding department. Saw a couple of things that caught my eye but the beauty that I caught my eye was this 5 piece comforter set. Originally, I preferred a duvet set but for 44.97 with an additional 30% off in store compared to the 160.00 (which is probably a bit inflated) it was a steal! Add to that I would get another 10% off with my Macy's card but since I used my gift certificate I got it at 34.99 which is still a great bargain in my opinion.

So if you are doing your math like I am, I still have 15 dollars to spend. I end up going into the kitchen department and I found this cute kettle for $9.99. Which doesn't get the greatest reviews on the Macy's website but I probably won't use it all that much and will take extra precautions to ensure it isn't a total lost.
They also were running a buy one get one free promotion with the tea kettle and some other little small kitchen items so I got this mixing bowl and measuring cups and spoons for free instead of another $9.99.

So with those three items snagged up, I need another 5.00 to meet my 50.00 quota. And I searched and stumble upon this cute blue colander from Martha Stewart for 4.99 in store. I know it's not a major steal, I actually think it is high, hahaha but I needed a filler and it was cute and probably won't even use it for its intended purpose.

So with my four products in tow, I handed the cashier my two gift certificates and ended up with one dollar and some change with new swag. I love bargain hunting. So now I need to find some nice coordinating sheets for my bed. Hopefully,  I will have some before, during, and after pictures of most of my house by this weekend. I am going to try to post daily if possible.

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