Week Two House Tour: Bathroom (Before)

Today is all about the bathroom renovation. This was actually the first room to get a major overhaul but we did not DIY considering the state of the bathroom. Once you see the pictures you will understand. I still pretty much lived with my mom until it was complete about a month later. This is our only full bathroom in the house, we don't even have a half bathroom, just a mystery functional disgusting toilet in the basement.

I hired a family friend who also did an amazing job on the house I grew up in which was actually owned by mom at the time. My brother now lives there with his fiancee. Today I will share the before pictures and tomorrow I will reveal the new bathroom.

The lady was a widow for quiet sometime until she died and her sister sold the house as an estate sale. This is our bathroom when we bought our house.  Very outdated, dingy cracked subway tile, disgusting tub, repulsive toilet, and just all sorts of wrong.  I will reveal the biggest gem of the bathroom in a picture below. It's not very large approximately 5 x 8.
view from entrance
The doors were a nuisance. Horrible set up.

looking from window to entrance
To the left (from the entrance) we have the lovely yellow sink. Please ignore the painting supplies. We were so eager to start on the house.

Then you have the toilet...don't know why I took a picture with the seat up...
And the cabinet above the toilet
The puke worthy tub / shower
Oh yea and the part I "miss" the most about my lovely bathroom is the carpeting. Yes, it was not a mat or rug but carpeting. Talk about gross.

Isn't that bathroom scary? Do any bathroom reno's? Dying to do one? Tomorrow we will share how the bathroom pretty much looks today.

Week One
Monday - Outside of House
Tuesday - Living Room
Wednesday - Dining Room
Thursday - Kitchen
Friday - Sunroom + Upstairs Hallway + 2 Closets

Week Two
Monday - Bathroom (Before)
Tuesday - Bathroom (After)
Wednesday - Daughter Bedroom
Thursday - Third Bedroom
Friday - Master Bedroom

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