Window Shopping: Home Goods (2nd Trip, Part 2)

Part two of me recent trip to Home Goods. Here are some more items that I found interesting. I have serious weakness for beach decor.

I loved this faux crab. Reminds me when I was around 6 or 7 and my dad would let the crabs "chase" my brother and myself. It was so much fun. My dad made the best crabs and he spoiled us by taking time and cleaning all the dirty stuff in the shell. I learned not everyone (well actually no one) does this.
I have an addiction to vase fillers. These neutral tone tan and brown could go with virtually any table setting.

This abstract driftwood turtle caught my eye. Love the different tones of wood.

This pretty flower candle holder reminds me of the lotus bowls I collect.

Sorry for the blurry picture but this reminded me of Star Wars, lol

I want a duck! My new neighbor has some seagulls in her window.  They look very pretty.
Don't really remember the cost but this would be easy to replicate with a door pull and some tacks or nailhead trim if you had some on hand. 

Funny egg shaped bird cage...

Treasure chest with seashell embellishments, it wasn't the 9.99 item. Don't think I would buy it.

And yesterday, I said I would point out what I thought was the most ridiculously price item. I am really not trying to knock the artist or the actual person who took time to do this but it looked very cheaply done, IMO. Looks like a popcorn ceiling far away. This table is a whopping 499.99 + tax of course
This brought out the LOL...

Now from afar it doesn't look so bad, but when you look closer, 

you see it's looks like white macaroni, maybe I should hire my daughter to glue some on furniture...not that would be child labor or anything, we will call it craft time, yea that's it. Or I could just apply for the 10% and get it at steal for $450 + tax...hmm, decisions decisions

I lied in the title. I actually bought something, it was like 99% window shopping. Can you guess what item I bought? Drum roll.....

I bought the...
driftwood turtle. It was $10. This would be an easy DIY if you had some driftwood/wood chips/lath sticks and staples. It has like three longer pieces (the length of the body) underneath, then you would layer smaller chips on top. Add a rounder piece for the "head" and longer pieces for the feet.

Next week Tuesday, I will be on vacation for 2 whole weeks. I am going to Jamaica for 7 days for my cousins wedding with my daughter, mom, brother and his fiance. 
img via RIU Hotel
Then off to Canada, hopefully will get to participate in some Caribana activities with my daughter, mom, and grandmom. Pray for me. The boyfriend is gonna be miserable for two weeks. 

My goal is to do a house tour over the next two weeks. My house isn't really up to par but I will put up mostly before pictures and a few afters (bathroom being the main one). I will try a room or possibly two a day.

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