Week Two House Tour: 2nd Bedroom (Daughter K)

Today we are going to look at the before pictures of my daughter's bedroom. They actually had wallpaper on that we easily took down on day 1 after we got the keys to the house. So this is essentially a stripped room. It did however still have a nasty stink carpet.

We used to sleep in her room until our room was painted but there are the stripped wallpapered plaster walls. They are in decent shape. The ugly nasty green shag carpet.

View from door
Radiator has since been removed
Other side of room view, entrance to right and closet

I don't have any recent pictures of her room but let's just say it's a whole lot of pink walls and hot pink trim. Definitely going to tone down the room to be more reflective in the house general scheme. Thinking about a muted pink or possibly light gray with white trim.

Also want to get rid of her ceiling which is not pictured. It's squares with indentions and I would rather have it drywalled and add crown modeling later on. Also need to refinish the hardwood floors as well as the other hardwood floors in the house.

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