Week Two House Tour: 3rd Bedroom

Today we have the third bedroom. It was to be baby Noah's room but now it is pretty much the room that holds all the junk. I don't have an updated pictured of the turquoise blue painted walls with orange ceiling but they are going to change. My visions for my house have changed in the last couple of months and although I loved that color scheme then (and still do) I am going a different direction.

This room is by far the ugliest room of the house besides the basement (which will not be shown yet) with the mystery toilet in the middle of the room. I don't have many pictures of this room but it is very small and has one window and a so called closet.

As you can see the room is very dark and dated. We have brown paneling. On the floor is old musty carpeting, laminate tiles outer and vinyl tiles inner. This room is also the only one without any overhead

Smallest room in the house but definitely the ugliest. Thinking white walls, new ceiling, new sconces, and transformation into a guest room possible future baby room.

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