Week One House Tour: Kitchen

Today we will be sharing our kitchen. Believe it or not but this was the most up to date room in the house. Oh yea, the windows were also pretty up to date as well. But back to the kitchen, the stove and refrigerator are ancient.

warning: I took the following pictures at two different times although not much has really changed except for the addition of a dishwasher.

We plan to have open shelve cabinets and paint them (probably white). And change out the cheap blue counter top with an affordable alternative. I like the butcher block but it's not practical near the sink.

The stove is separate from the main part of the kitchen. We hope to get rid of the cabinets to the left and open up the wall. The room doesn't receive much sunlight as is and I would like to be able to talk to guests as we entertain.
View from the stove. To the left is the door to the basement. Behind that wall is the closet for the living room on the left and in the middle is a little spot I would like to make as a pantry for the extra cabinet space I will be losing once we open up the kitchen.
And this is our small and cozy kitchen.

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