I Loved Thrifting: Philly(burbs) style

I had the pleasure this weekend to meet 4 bloggers from the Philadelphia I <3 Thrifting Event that was sparked by blogger Rashon Carraway aka Mr Goodwill Hunting. I stole borrowed this image from Diane of In My Own Style blog (hope she doesn't mind), she's the hostess with the mostess. Seriously, she made goodie bags and gave us prizes.

image via Diane of In My Own Style
(l-r) Janis, Diane, me, Madigan, Holly
I was initially very nervous about meeting new people since I tend to be very shy. From the moment I introduced myself, I felt very welcome, comfortable and a part of the group. I felt like I was chatting it up with some old friends. I didn't get to go the first store (I woke up late, sorry) but I joined the ladies on the 2nd (Impact) and 3rd (Salvation Army) stores as well as Panera Bread *yum* for lunch. I would definitely do it again without a doubt. It felt so great meeting some fellow local bloggers and people who share the same interests (saving money!). I also didn't get any photos, blame the shyness but you can read more about the day at Diane's blog. You can also check out Janis (The Magic That is... Thrift), Madigan (madigan made) and Holly (West Pear Avenue).

Here are some of my finds of the day. First we have our Impact finds. We got to meet the manager of the store, Pepper. He gave us some Impact chapstick and some coupons, a 25%  for that day and a 5 dollar off for a next time purchase. Pepper was very helpful and informative by explaining the stores mission and how the silent auction operates.  

I already owned one Windsor chair on the left from a thrift store for #3. So I picked up the one on the right for $10 before coupon. They are so similar but one on the right is slightly smaller and the details on the top are more feminine.

I also got this trouble light to match the other two I found on a recent flea market trip. I am thinking extra lighting in the bedroom.

I also found electric Turkey Carver, which Diane recommends to use when cutting foam. It should come in real handy when I finally tackle my headboard.

I also found some blue earrings that I hope to repurpose as rings. Fingers crossed I remember to do this.

The Salvation Army was a lot smaller than Impact and pricier but luckily I found some mirrors that tickled my fancy and a magazine (or toilet paper) holder.

I love mirrors with intricate frames.

I also love frames that are not your usual rectangle. Such as this brown octagon one, first found by Madigan. Thinking it will be painted white to match

my other thrift store mirror on the left of my fireplace in my living room

And last but not least, my magazine, toilet, wood holder thing

Carlito, my boyfriend, joined us in our adventures. He really is usually very patient with me. He went to the two thift stores, Panera Bread, as well as 5 Below, Old Navy and Home Goods before he started to get bothered by me, lol. I have never been to a stand alone Home Goods so I had to pop in for a minute or an hour or so. I found some amazing items and some not so amazing thing that I will share with you in a post later this week =). 

Did you get to participate in the I <3 Thrifting Event in your city? Have you met any local bloggers? Who is your blogger idol?

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  1. you should make the trek to Delaware for some HomeGoods magic - tax free!!


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